Thursday, December 7, 2006

Love is letting go

 You have killed my brother and taken my earnings.
You have polluted my dreams and destroyed all hope.
You have done these things because it is your nature to do them.
You know nothing of trust.
Trust is all I know.
It yields everything that is of value.

I do not believe in loss or gain.
I am not what you think I am.

You may try to pin me down with your hatred and your anger.
But, my dear ego...all your efforts shall fail.
They amount to nothing before the light of my love.
You think you can hurt me.
You think that grasping will lead you somewhere real.
You think that condemnation will yield you resolution.
You think the body a home.

Forgiveness is my gift to you. It is my only gift...
It is the end of you.
It is the first and last step on the path to healing
all that the blind world has created out of fear.
It is the eye of beauty amidst the storm of transformation.

It is ever still and it is my gift to you.
It can not be learned...only lived.

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