Thursday, December 7, 2006

The dead tree that bloomed

There are many tales to tell.
Many voices within clamoring for expression.
I want to make sense of it all.
I want to be a voice of sanity.

The long shadows that come upon one on a summer's evening...
the cypress trees I have seen in far away lands.
Days gone by and days to come when I have weathered a fine storm.
I know there is much to do. I know there is great beauty to be sort
and shared.

There was a man who was easy to anger -
a wise man told him to
repair shoes at the side of the road.
He did this for he had faith in the wisdom of his teacher.
One day a man came and hurried off ungratefully without paying
after having his shoes fixed.
The man who was easy to anger lashed out and killed
the man who had treated him with disrespect.
The man he killed had been a murderer - on his way to kill a number of people.
As the man fell to the floor fatally wounded...
A dead tree burst into bloom.

Sometimes I find this world so mediocre.
And then I realize how deeply it needs our compassion.
How deeply WE ourselves need our own compassion.

How little the world knows of its own beyondness.
I have given my life to that though.
If only men could discover that true wealth lies there.

I was once wedded to a woman.
Now I find myself wedded to perserverance.
Whatever you do - in your heart give everything to God.

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